The didactic laboratory

For the surveys, an exhibition was organized at the Faculty of Engineering and remained open from 11 May to 13 June 1981.
For the use of the reliefs themselves, on the margins of the exhibition, an educational laboratory was set up, managed by the young people of the ex-law 285 and comprising:
- four mirror stereoscopes Wild ST4;
- lo Wild APT1 stereoscope , with variable magnification and double eyepiece;
- the autograph Wild A40 , made available by Wild-Italia and transferred, after the exhibition, to the barracks of the Traffic police.
- the survey catalog

1. Entrance to the exhibition

2. the exhibition

3. the exhibition seen from the laboratory

4. entrance to the laboratory

5. the lab

6. stereoscopes Wild ST4

7. the stereoscope Wild APT1 con doppi oculari1

8. the autograph Wild A40

9. The catalog